Maternal Instincts

*Hypnobirthing courses and workshops
*Birth doula services
*Postnatal doula services
*Breastfeeding Counselling
*3 Step Rewind
*Parent First Aid courses

Welcome to Maternal Instincts!  

Pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood are incredibly special stages in life.  My aim, through my work as a hypnobirthing instructor, breastfeeding counsellor and doula, is to support expectant and new parents to inform and empower themselves so that they can plan for a truly positive experience in birth and beyond. 

I also understand that sometimes a previous perinatal experience can leave a lasting sense of trauma and sadness which can make future pregnancies feel quite difficult.  For anyone who feels they need support to move forward from such an experience, I am proud to offer my services as a 3 Step Rewind Practitioner.  

Aside from my birth work, I am a Paramedic.  I believe passionately that everyone should learn first aid, and this often feels particularly important for new parents.  I am delighted to work with First Aid 4 Staff and to offer courses for new parents.